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4-day Writing Workshop
"Educational Research, Social Justice, and Public Voice"

16-19 June 2017
Oakland, CA


“As a mid-career faculty member, I learned things that could benefit not only my academic career, but also those of early-career faculty and doctoral students.  I wish I had had access to the information Dr. Kumashiro shared when I started my career.  I believe it could have made quite a difference in how I handled, processed, and reflected upon my justice work and publication record.  In addition, it was especially helpful to interact with people doing like-minded advocacy work, which allowed me to foster new academic networks and intellectual connections.” - Azadeh Osanloo, Associate Professor, College of Education, New Mexico State University

“Dr. Kumashiro’s dedication, expertise, insights, and support helped me to approach writing for social justice in a more critical way.  I left the workshop very informed and inspired.” - Gilbert C. Park, Assistant Professor, Teachers College, Ball State University

“Thank you so much for opening up this opportunity to be a part of your workshop.  It was incredibly valuable for me to get a good sense of what the road looks like as I think about academia.  Your insights on impact, audience, and arc are very helpful and help to provide intentionality to the work without constricting any particular paths.  Also, I appreciated your candor in terms of the "hidden pedagogy" of publishing: the invisible rules, the norms and conventions, and the logistics and practicalities.  All are invaluable in supporting us to do that which we came to do -- impact teaching, support schools, and make for healing and compassion in the world.  Knowing these rules helps us to steer towards the work and away from some of the noise that can distract some scholars from being of good use.” - Nate Gong, PhD Student, Graduate School of Education, University of California - Berkeley

“Dr. Kumashiro's writing workshop provided the structure to assist me in developing a solid social justice writing program and the direction of how to publish with the greatest impact.” - George Fuller, EdD Student, School of Education, University of San Francisco

“I want you to know that I so appreciated the opportunity to learn with you and the group you brought together.  I am focusing on diversity by design, ensuring that we move quickly to ensure cultural representation in EdTech, and making sure that all of my students’ voices are heard and that they know they have an advocate in me.  Publication is critical for me for a variety of reasons.  Having new mentors like you is so encouraging and I thank you for what you bring into my life and for the work you do!” - Julia Parra, Assistant Professor, College of Education, New Mexico State University

SUMMARY: This 4-day workshop is geared for educational researchers who seek to broaden and strengthen their toolkit for publishing on education and social justice in both academic and public venues. Participants will learn writing strategies from award-winning scholar Dr. Kevin Kumashiro, as well as his tips for writing for the media and publishing journal articles and books. Participants can join small groups, led by Dr. Kumashiro, to get feedback on their outlines and drafts, and will have ample time between sessions to sit in picturesque settings to write. Lodging options are available, as is an option to commute. Space is limited so please register early.

REGISTRATION: Registration includes access to all sessions, including one optional small-group roundtable (please see the tentative schedule below). Registration also includes 1 dinner, 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and snacks, as well as a signed copy of one of Dr. Kumashiro’s books. Individuals with limited financial resources are welcome to select the “discounted registration rate,” which entails the same workshop experience but for a lower fee.

LODGING: Various lodging options are available. All lodging includes shared bathrooms and access to lockable closets for belongings, and requires the use of stairs. All beds high quality bedding, and although towels and essentials are provided, you are encouraged to bring your own toiletries. Check in begins on Friday at 4pm, and check out is on Monday at 10:30am (no late check out is possible).

VENUE: To make this workshop affordable and memorable, we are staying in an old, expansive, unique and charming mansion that has much more of a communal feel and much less of the amenities and luxuries than in a high-end corporate hotel. When not in a session, participants have many spaces to write and to meet, including in four indoor common areas and three outdoor seating areas, with wifi throughout the property. At all times, we will need to be careful not to damage the property or to disturb the neighbors. Please note that the main entrance is atop several steps with no ramps, and most of the bedrooms and bathrooms are one flight of steps up; as a result, this particular workshop is not wheelchair accessible, and the organizers apologize for this. 

LOCATION AND PARKING: The venue is in a diverse urban neighborhood in Oakland, and is a half-mile walk to Lake Merritt, an eight-mile drive from the Oakland airport, a 10-min drive to Berkeley, and a 20-min drive to downtown San Francisco. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the venue. If you drive, ample street parking is available; for those without a car, cabs and shared rides like Uber/Lyft are easily available, and bus stops are a few blocks from the venue.

WHAT TO BRING: The workshop will be as “green” as possible, so no handouts should be expected. Participants should bring a laptop or writing supplies to take notes during the sessions as well as to work on their own writing between sessions (electrical outlets are plentiful throughout the building), as well as anything to make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable (preferred snacks, headphones, etc). Valuables should be left at home, and the organizers and property owners are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property. 

PAYMENTS: All payments must be submitted at the time of registration, and are non-refundable. Participants may arrive late or leave early, which does not change the registration or lodging fees

LEGAL AGREEMENTS: By registering, you are agreeing to hold Kevin Kumashiro Consulting harmless regarding liability, and also to affirm the indemnity of Kevin Kumashiro Consulting regarding intellectual property.


Day 1
4:00     Arrivals and Check in
5:00     Orientation and Introductions
6:00     Dinner (provided)
7:00     Session on Writing for the Media
9:00     End

Day 2
8:00     Optional: Meditation
8:30     Breakfast (provided)
9:00     Session on Writing Strategies
10:30   Optional: Small Group #1
12:00   Lunch (provided) with Guest Speaker
1:00     Session on Publishing in Journals
2:30     Optional: Small Group #2
4:00     End (dinner on your own)

Day 3
8:00     Optional: Meditation
8:30     Breakfast (provided)
9:00     Session on Publishing Books
10:30   Optional: Small Group #3
12:00   Lunch (provided)
1:00     Optional: Small Group #4
2:30     End (dinner on your own)

Day 4
8:00     Optional: Meditation
8:30     Breakfast (provided)
9:00     Reflections and Next Steps
10:30   Check out and Departure (by 11am)