Education Deans for Justice and Equity (EDJE)

Meeting Information

CUNY Graduate Center
365 5th Avenue (room 6304.01), New York City
12 April 2018
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


All members of EDJE ( are invited to our next general meeting, scheduled for Thursday, April 12, 2018, immediately preceding the AERA annual meeting. A very big thank you to our host, The CUNY Graduate Center.

WHO IS COMING: We are pleased to welcome the following 52 registrants:

  • Bank Street College: Karen DeMoss, Director of Sustainable Funding Project; Brigid Fallon, Lead for NY Partnerships; Divya Mansukhani, Lead for NJ Partnerships
  • California State University Monterey Bay: Jose Luis Alvarado, Dean
  • California State University San Bernardino: Jay Fiene, Dean
  • California State University San Marcos: Pat Stall, Director; Anne Elsbree, Professor; Joni Kolman, Assistant Professor
  • Chapman University: Margaret Grogan, Dean
  • The College of New Jersey: Suzanne McCotter, Dean; Shridevi Rao, Department Co-Chair
  • Colorado State University: Louise Jennings, Co-Director; Susana Muñoz, Assistant Professor; D-L Stewart, Professor
  • Connecticut College: Lauren Anderson, Chair; Sandy Grande, Professor and Former Chair
  • CUNY Brooklyn College: April Bedford, Dean; Maria Scharron-del Rio, Associate Professor; Trina Yearwood, Accreditation Manager
  • CUNY Hunter College: Michael Middleton, Dean; Jody Polleck, Chair of the School of Education Advocacy and Equity Committee
  • CUNY Graduate Center: Wendy Luttrell, Executive Officer; Nicholas Michelli, Former Dean
  • Duquesne University: Cindy Walker, Dean
  • Edgewood College: Timothy Slekar, Dean; Dana Hagerman, Associate Dean
  • Fairfield University: Bob Hannafin, Dean; Stephanie Storms, Associate Dean
  • George Mason University: Rodney Hopson, Associate Dean
  • Loyola University Maryland: Robert Helfenbein, Associate Dean
  • Metropolitan State University (MN): Rene Antrop-Gonzalez, Dean; Nicholas Hartlep, Assistant Professor; J.B. Mayo, Associate Professor
  • Miami University of Ohio: Michael Dantley, Dean
  • Montclair State University: Tamara Lucas, Dean; Jeremy Price, Department Chair; Jennifer Robinson, Executive Director of MSU Center of Pedagogy
  • New Mexico State University: Don Pope Davis, Dean
  • Regis University: Heidi Barker, Interim Associate Dean
  • Seattle University: Deanna Sands, Dean; Bradley Porfilio, Associate Dean
  • Trinity Washington University: Janet Stocks, Dean; Cynthia Greer, Associate Professor; Denisha Jones, Assistant Professor
  • University of Colorado Boulder: Kathy Schultz, Dean
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst: Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin, Dean; Benita Barnes, Director of Diversity Advancement; Jennifer Randall, Associate Dean
  • University of South Carolina: Jon Pedersen, Dean; Michelle Bryan, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Webster University: Brenda Fyfe, Dean Emeritus
  • Kevin Kumashiro Consulting: Kevin Kumashiro, Former Dean, University of San Francisco

MEETING AGENDA: We will spend the entire meeting further developing and implementing a new framework and tool (which we began to create at our December 2017 meeting) to assess ways that colleges/schools of education can be complicit with various legacies of inequity and injustice, as well as to strategize ways to lead colleges/schools of education to more comprehensively advance equity and justice. A more detailed agenda will be posted as the date approaches.

REGISTRATION: All EDJE members are invited and encouraged to attend and to bring 1 or 2 additional colleagues from your school/college (totaling no more than three individuals per institution). The Registration Fee for the first person is $150, and the fee is discounted to $50 for the second person and $50 for the third person. Registration includes light breakfast and lunch.  (Registration has filled and is now closed.)

  • Registration for One: $150.
  • Registration for Two: $200.
  • Registration for Three: $250.

TRAVEL AND HOTEL: Participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.