Education Deans for Justice and Equity (EDJE)

January 2019 Meeting Information

Chapman University, Orange, CA
15-17 January 2019

All members of EDJE ( are invited to our next general meeting, scheduled for January 15-17, 2019.  A very big thank you to our host, Dean Margaret Grogan and the Attallah College of Education at Chapman University!  See below for the agenda, list of registrants, registration information, and hotel information.

MEETING AGENDA:  We will focus the bulk of our time on continued discussion of the Framework that we have been developing over the past year, including strategies for piloting, implementing, assessing, and refining this new tool in our institutions in 2019.  The tool is intended to support colleges, schools, and departments of education in assessing ways that our institutions can be complicit with various legacies of inequity and injustice, and then strategizing ways to lead our institutions to more comprehensively advance equity and justice. 

January 15
5:00 Welcome, Icebreaker, EDJE Guiding Principles
5:45 Dinner (provided)
6:30 Panel Discussion: Connections between Community Organizing and Leading for Social Justice
8:00 End

January 16
9:00 Small-Group Discussions: Institutional Initiatives
10:15 Break
10:30 Small-Group Discussions: Framework (new attendees meet to learn about framework; returnees meet to share, troubleshoot, and strategize collectively)
12:00 Lunch (provided), then choose: “Walk and Talk” or “Walking Meditation”
2:00 Large-Group Discussion: Framework
3:30 Break
3:45 Updates on EDJE Initiatives (partnerships; statements; outreach; grants; etc.)
5:00 End (work on Action Plans)

January 17
9:00 Small-Group Discussions: Workshopping of Action Plans for the Framework
10:15 Break
10:30 Brainstorm Ideas for Summer 2019 Meeting
11:30 To-Go Boxed Lunches (provided)
(12:00-3:00 Steering Committee Meeting)


  • California State University Los Angeles: Charles Flores, Assistant Professor; Mitch Fryling, Interim Department Chair; Allison Mattheis, Associate Professor; Maria Oropeza Fujimoto, Assistant Professor; Kimberly Persiani, Department Chair; A.Dee Williams, Associate Department Chair

  • Chapman University: Margaret Grogan, Dean; Kelly Kennedy, Associate Dean; Michelle Samura, Associate Dean; Scot Danforth, Assistant Dean; Suzanne SooHoo, Hassinger Chair

  • Colorado State University: Susan Faircloth, Director; Kara Coffino, Co-Director of Center for Educator Preparation; Susana Munoz, Department Co-Chair

  • Duquesne University: Cindy Walker-Ringel, Dean; Darius Prier, Associate Dean

  • Metropolitan State University: Rene Antrop-Gonzalez, Dean; Nicholas Hartlep, Department Chair

  • Miami University: Sherrill Sellers, Associate Dean

  • Montclair State University: Tamara Lucas, Dean; Jennifer Robinson, Executive Director of Center of Pedagogy; Yune Tran, Associate Dean

  • Ohio State University: Don Pope-Davis, Dean

  • Regis University: Heidi Barker, Associate Dean; Elizabeth Grassi, Department Chair

  • Saint Martin’s University: Fumie Hashimoto, Interim Dean

  • Seattle University: Deanna Sands, Dean; Charisse Cowan Pitre, Department Chair; Jessica Fenner, Program Coordinator; Julie Kang, Director of Professional and Continuing Education; Brendon Taga, Associate Dean; Kerry Von Esch, Assistant Professor

  • Teachers College, Columbia University: Michelle Knight-Manuel, Associate Dean

  • University of Colorado Boulder: Kathy Schultz, Dean; Erin Furtak, Associate Dean; Elizabeth Meyer, Associate Dean

  • University of La Verne: Yvette Latunde, Director

  • University of Pittsburgh: Leigh Patel, Associate Dean

  • University of South Carolina: Fenice Boyd, Department Chair; Michelle Bryan, Associate Dean

  • University of Wisconsin La Crosse: Marcie Wycoff-Horn, Dean; Adrienne Loh, Interim Associate Dean

  • Webster University: Thomas Cornell, Interim Dean; Brenda Fyfe, Dean Emeritus

  • EDJE: Kevin Kumashiro

REGISTRATION:  All EDJE members are invited and encouraged to attend and to bring up to 5 additional colleagues from your school/college (totaling no more than six individuals per institution).  The Registration Fee is $50 per person.  Registration includes meals as indicated above. The deadline to register is December 31, 2018. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: in the “Additional Information” section of the registration form, please indicate the names, job titles, and email addresses for all registrants (if there is more than one registrant), and please indicate dietary requests.

  • Registration for One: $50.

  • Registration for Two: $100.

  • Registration for Three: $150.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS BY DECEMBER 14:  Participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.  Dean Grogan has arranged discounted room rates for EDJE meeting participants at two nearby hotels, both of which will provide complimentary breakfast. Information about how to make your room reservations at the discounted group rate, as well as travel and other information, is on this INFORMATION SHEET. Only a limited number of rooms is available, and reservations must be made by December 14.